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At Aloha Termite and Pest Control, we get many questions about the “inconveniences” of going through a tent fumigation process. Well, the preparation process for tent fumigation may seem a bit inconvenient, but rest assured that the resulting benefits far outweigh any temporary inconveniences. To set minds at ease, here are the major steps that a property owner must go through prior to a tent fumigation. Keep in mind – as you read these steps – that a pest control specialist guides you through the entire preparation process. The most important step in preparing for tent fumigation is having a place to stay for you and your pets. If fumigating for termites, you will need to be out of the home for about 24 hours. If fumigating for bed bugs, the process takes longer (two or more days). Arrangements also need to be made to leave a house key somewhere at the house or given to the pest control specialist so fumigators have access to the home.  If you have gas appliances, you will need to have the gas company turn off the gas on the day(s) of the fumigation. All appliances and pilot lights have to be turned off during the fumigation as well. Houseplants will need to be taken outside before the fumigating crew comes to your home. Any trees or shrubs abutting the structure may need to be trimmed back to allow for a tight seal of the tent. Basically, about a foot around the structure is required for a good tight seal.  All unsealed food items and medications need to be stored in special plastic bags provided by the pest control company. Once unsealed food items and medications are sealed in these plastic bags, they do not need to be removed from the home during fumigation. The last thing a property owner needs to do to prepare for the fumigation crew’s arrival is to open all doors, cabinets, closets, and drawers inside the structure. These are pretty much the major inconveniences that will be endured prior to a tent fumigation process. Please feel free to call us with all your tent fumigation questions.



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