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Pest Identification

What Are The Different Types Of Ants?


Ghost Ants are hard to see because they are tiny and Ghost Ants Honolulu Hawaiipale. The front half is dark, the back half and legs are light. Ghost ants usually nest outdoors, but they build colonies behind baseboards, in wall voids, in cabinets of buildings where they find food, feeding on dead insects, sweets, and other food.
Carpenter Ants come in many varieties with different Carpenter ant photosizes and colors - tan, red, black. Carpenter ants hollow out dead, moist wood in trees, firewood, and fence posts to build nests but they don't eat wood. Inside, they build colonies in wall void, foam insulation, eaves, and crawl spaces. They feed on insects and insects and sweets. Can be seen foraging during night summer months.

Pharoah Ants are yellow with a reddish abdomen. They Pharoah Ants Hawaiitypically build nests in wood, wall voids, baseboards, etc. Colonies are quite large, with many queens. Pharoah ants a most active during evening hours where they can be seen foraging in large numbers to any available food source. Commonly found feeding on a variety of foods including fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and will also capture and kill small insects.

Whitefooted Ants are dark in body color and at the end White footed antsof there legs are pale in color. They can be found nesting in heavy vegetation lying at ground level or in soil at the base of trees. Colony size is very large, containing several million. Whitefooted ants are normally found feeding on sweets.

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