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Aloha Termite & Pest Control was founded in July 1999 by owner Shawn Murray Founder of Aloha Termite & Pest ControlShawn Murray.  His personal experience dates back to August 1975 where he started as an all around helper with Hauoli Fumigation Company Inc., which at the time was owned by the late Dennis Hauoli Naone.  In the late 70's and 80's, Shawn Murray became well known in Hawaii and California for his knowledge and ability in Tent Fumigation.  Successfully completing the largest fumigations in Hawaii including, Sacred Hearts Academy and numerous government buildings, one such totaling over 4 million cubic feet which the largest building to date ever fumigated in Hawaii.  Also in his resume are some historic buildings and churches such as the 100+ year old Kaahumanu church on Maui as well as the 100+ year old Holy Ghost church on Maui.
As we all know, no one accomplishes these levels alone.  The lead Fumigators at Aloha Termite & Pest Control have worked with and know Shawn Murray for over 25 years and were involved with all these jobs.In fact, 25% of Aloha Termites entire staff has over 20 years experience here in Hawaii and the average is 10 years experience.  Our Pest Tech's, Termite Tech's, Fumigators, Sales Staff and Office Personnel are all knowledgeable, friendly and respectful people.We believe the experience level at Aloha Termite is un-matched in Hawaii.  Bringing all these people together (some of the best in the state) the Goal of Aloha Termite is to provide a level of service that has long since been forgotten in any industry.  We are in no way perfect, we do however strive each and every day to become better and better at protecting homes from un-wanted pests and destructive termites.

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